Our Mission

FAVeR’s mission is to provide strategic direction, information and coordination to the university-based Victorian eResearch sector. FAVeR works to provide a framework to consider sustainability of services, and to simplify awareness of and access to critical eResearch services and infrastructure.

FAVeR facilitates sharing of eResearch services and infrastructure across member organisations; supports capacity and capability building for all organisations, and assists organisations to initiate and promote ideas for new eResearch services in Victoria.

Project Spotlights

AgriBio Project to Unlock Hidden Value in Crop Data

Researchers from the AgriBio facility at La Trobe University have partnered with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) to use a data-driven approach to realising the full value of rice and barley research through the La Trobe Large-Scale RNA-Seq Data Collection project.

The Connected Researcher at La Trobe University

La Trobe University library staff Simon Huggard, Dr Andrew Williams and Eva Fisch, together with Dr Paul Pigram, have been working on a System to support the complete research lifecycle through a suite of cutting-edge solutions.

Digital Research Drops In

La Trobe recently established monthly Digital Research Drop in sessions. These sessions run for an hour within the Research Commons area of the library and were developed to encourage a Community of Practice at La Trobe.

Past Spotlights

Every month FAVeR members have an opportunity to contribute project spotlights, showcasing past achievements, current developments, and future plans in the sphere of eResearch. Visit ‘Projects’ to view the archive.

Our Representatives

Christopher Adda

Research Infrastructure Manager, LaTrobe University

Christopher McAvaney

eResearch Director, Deakin University

Donna Hannan

Office for Research Director, Victoria University

Heinrich Schmidt

Director e-Research, RMIT University

Helen Thompson

CeRDI Director, Federation University Australia


Ian Smith

Vice-Provost (Research & Research Infrastructure),
Monash University

Jugdutt (Jack) Singh

Digital Innovation & Translation Director,
Swinburne University

Paul Bonnington

Professor and Director of eResearch, Monash University

Steven Manos

Principal Advisor, Research Computation Strategy,
The University of Melbourne

Xinghuo Yu

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Capability, RMIT University