Our Mission

FAVeR’s mission is to provide strategic direction, information and coordination to the university-based Victorian eResearch sector. FAVeR works to provide a framework to consider sustainability of services, and to simplify awareness of and access to critical eResearch services and infrastructure.

FAVeR facilitates sharing of eResearch services and infrastructure across member organisations; supports capacity and capability building for all organisations, and assists organisations to initiate and promote ideas for new eResearch services in Victoria.

Project Spotlights

Data Fluency for Research

Work smarter, not harder. For researchers, this means knowing how to use, explore, interpret and visualise data in a meaningful way and effectively communicate your research and ideas. That’s what data fluency enables you to do. There is an increasing need for all researchers and professionals to be able to understand and write code and interact in the digital enquiry space. Data and text mining, data visualisation and analysis, and programming for research are increasingly relevant across all disciplinary areas.

The Future Control Room

The Future Control Room (FCR) is a co-creation between the MEMSI (Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute) Grid Innovation Hub (GIH), the Faculty of IT, the Faculty of Engineering, and MIVP. FCR is principally designed to be a proxy to energy system control rooms of the near future, enabling (1) graduate and professional training purposes, and (2) research into improved monitoring and control systems, reaching into advanced data integration, mining and ultimately the autonomous operation of smart energy systems.

Machine Learning Symposium

The Machine Learning (ML) Symposium is a one-day applied Artificial Intelligence event to hear how researchers are applying machine learning techniques in their research. The Symposium was held on Monday 19th March 2018 at the National Centre for Synchrotron Science.

Our Representatives

Christopher Adda

Research Infrastructure Manager, LaTrobe University

Christopher McAvaney

eResearch Director, Deakin University

Donna Hannan

Office for Research Director, Victoria University

Helen Thompson

CeRDI Director, Federation University Australia

Ian Smith

Vice-Provost (Research & Research Infrastructure),
Monash University


Paul Bonnington

Professor and Director of eResearch, Monash University

Steven Manos

Principal Advisor, Research Computation Strategy,
The University of Melbourne

Swee Mak

Associate DVC Research Capability, Director Strategic Innovation and RMIT Innovation Professor

Yang Xiang

Dean, Digital Research & Innovation Capability Platform, Swinburne University