Introducing: Prem Prakash Jayaraman, Research Fellow, Internet of Things Key Lab


Briefly tell us about your research.
I am a research fellow in the Internet of Things key lab which is a part of  SUT’s recently established Digital Innovation Capability Platform (DICP). I conduct research in areas related to Internet of Things solving  hard problems in our industries, cities, farms, personal lives and society, by harnessing the data and actuation provided by internet-connected sensors, personal mobile devices and wearables, industrial machines, vehicles, buildings, and robots.  We have developed technologies and solutions that have impacted the manufacturing, energy and agriculture industries and are currently focusing on generating new research-driven impact in advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0, smart cities and transportation, as well as solving defense and socio-economic problems.

Who are your research colleagues and/or supervisors?

  • Prof. Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Director, IoT Key Lab – My Supervisor
  • Prof. Jack Singh, Director, Swinburne Digital Innovation Lab
  • Prof. Timos Sellis,Director, Swinburne Data Science Institute

  • What research equipment are you using?
    We work with a number of cool and emerging technologies that include a range of sensing equipments (e.g. arduino, raspberry pi), computing infrastructure including cloud computing (e.g. Amazon, Azure), personal mobile devices (mobile smart phones, tablets) and wearable sensing devices (e.g. fitbit, smart watch).

    Did you work across various locations?
    At present we are based out of Hawthorn.

    What’s the one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of your research that you know now?
    Myself and our group (IoT Lab) focus on applying cutting edge research outcomes to solve relevant problems faced by the industry. What I have learnt is how to conduct excellent research that is scientific, interesting, novel while having a demonstrable contribution/impact on economy, society, culture, national security, industries, government, beyond contributions to academia.