Introducing: Josh Hall, Swinburne/Bondi Labs Partnership


Briefly tell us about your research and/or role at Swinburne.
I am a user experience researcher and designer for the Bondi Labs – Swinburne Joint Venture. We are working on new and innovative technologies for the health services industry primarily focusing on areas such as training, reporting, and productivity tools. My role involves wearing many hats, from client and user needs analysis, application and instructional design, user experience research/testing, and application development.

How did you come to specialise in this area? 
I received my Ph.D. in 2015 from Queensland University of Technology. During that time I focused on the design, development, and evaluation of video games used for more serious purposes such as skills training. It was also during that period I helped to support and grow Bondi Labs to become leaders in simulation/serious game development in Australia. I was able to apply my research and development skills to all of the Bondi Labs projects. This industry experience helped to refine my skills and motivations during the Ph.D.

What is the most interesting aspect of your work for you?

I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of the work I do as it is always challenging and innovative. We work on tight project deadlines to produce commercial products on a regular basis. Being a part of a completed commercial product that is used and makes a difference is always rewarding. The colleagues I work with are also another contributing factor to my job satisfaction as everyone is highly motivated, autonomous and experts at what they do.

Do you work across various locations or with any collaborations?

Bondi Labs has two studios (Brisbane, Melbourne) however as a part of the Bondi Labs – Swinburne Joint Venture. I am based in Melbourne. All of our projects are industry lead, so collaboration with others is vital. This usually means traveling and some time working out of different locations from time to time.

What’s the one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of your role/research/career that you know now?
I enjoy not knowing what the future holds and learning through experiences. Sometimes the unknown is what makes things challenging, interesting and exciting. Having a crystal ball that would tell me what I should know before I begin a new career step would detract from that excitement.