HDR student profile: Shirish Sharma


Shirish commenced his PhD studies with CeRDI in March 2016, focusing on an Interoperable framework to integrate data-mining in web-based geoportals.

Shirish’s research is examining Smart Cities and the visualisation of geospatial data and citizen engagement practices. The context to this research is the rise in urbanisation and the concept of smart cities in gaining importance through technology. Smart cities use information technology solutions to enhance the development and management of infrastructure, assets, policies and practices within a city. Geospatial data visualisation offers significant potential within the context of Smart Cities providing an opportunity to harvest geospatial information including that available from social media and web based citizen data sources.

Through his research, Shirish aims to deliver a novel and interoperable framework for integrating geospatial information mined from web-based citizen sources into web-based geoportals. This will enrich existing information that are usually sourced from authoritative data sources.

Shirish’s PhD is being undertaken within CeRDI with support from FedUni’s Faculty of Science and Technology. CSIRO Data61 is the industry partner for this research.

Shirish can be contacted at: shirish.sharma@federation.edu.au