La Trobe’s new Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition


The La Trobe Business School has a new Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition. This centre and facility was built in 2017 as part of the refurbished Donald Whitehead Building on the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus. It aims to revolutionize human engagement and interaction in data-intensive environments by creating new models, techniques and methods to explore the frontiers of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

There are a number of graduate students and staff in the Centre, led by Professor Damminda Alahakoon, who use various data query and visualisation techniques to analyse and provide new insights into research in many different areas from the humanities and social sciences, to health sciences, psychology and computer science. The Centre is also partnering with external organisations, including industry to provide expertise and skills in big data analytics to improve processes, corporate information and other insights.

Using the expertise of graduate students and members of staff, along with a large bank of visualisation screens and artificial intelligence, the Centre is producing new insights into research not seen previously.