Upcoming Events

  • Intersect courses

    Intersect. Courses offered: Excel Fu; Research Data Management; Data Visualisation with Google Fusion Tables; Regular Expressions; Regular Expressions on Command; Open Refine; REDCap, Parallel programming, High Performance Computing, Python, MATLAB, Git, Unix, R. More info.
  • Deakin eResearch: Training and Events

    Deakin researchers and research students have access to a wide range of technical training workshops, from beginner through to advanced levels in High-Performance Computing, MS Excel, programming, data management, cleaning, visualisation and exploration, and more. There is no cost to Deakin researchers and research students for participating in these training workshops. More info.
  • Monash: Become data fluent

    Data fluency workshops and support groups for Monash University staff, reserachers and affiliates. A range of workshops, communities of practice/interest, and practical guides are offered. More info.
  • 15 – 19 Oct 2018 – eResearch Australasia 2018

    eResearch 2018 will offer delegates the opportunity to engage, connect, and share their ideas and exemplars concerning new information centric research capabilities, and how information and communication technologies help researchers to collaborate, collect, manage, share, process, analyse, store, find, understand and re-use information. More info.
  • 17 Oct 2018 – Recognition for Researchers who code

    This BoF is to build awareness of the Research Software Engineer (RSE) community and to identify volunteers to help implement the practical solutions for the RSE community that have been identified at the pre-conference workshop. If you are an academic/researcher who codes but are lacking recognition and metrics needed to progress your academic career; a professional software engineer working in the research space; or a system administrator who maintains research systems, you should attend. more info.
  • 17 Oct 2018 – Digital Infrastructure in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Australia – What now and where to next?

    This BoF is intended to occur in two parts – a presentation on the current HASS DEVL project, then a BoF discussion on the future of HASS infrastructure in Australia. More info.
  • 18 Oct 18 – The Australian Research Data Commons – Building on the foundations of ANDS, Nectar and RDS to become a transformational investment

    As part of the establishment of the ARDC, a strategic plan has been developed which sets out the strategic intent for the next 5 years. This plan has been developed in consultation with key partners and the community, with the intent of building on the strengths of ANDS, Nectar and RDS as a transformational investment, partnering to facilitate a coherent research environment that will enable Australia’s researchers to find, access, contribute to and effectively use leading data-intensive eResearch infrastructure to maximise research quality and impact by developing a world-leading data advantage, facilitating accelerated innovation, fostering collaboration for borderless research, and enhancing researchers’ ability to translate their research into benefits for society. This BoF will set out the roadmap for the next 5 years and provide an opportunity for the community to engage with the ARDC as it embarks on this journey as well as examine the opportunities for the ARDC to partner with NCRIS facilities, institutions and research communities. More info.
  • 18 Oct 2018 – Roles for eResearch

    The position descriptions of roles within the eResearch industry are not consistent and are not standardized. As an example, AeRO [1] has collected over a hundred different role titles for position descriptions within the industry. This makes the recruitment of staff and career progression within the industry much harder. However, efforts are underway, as discussed at a recent AeRO Forum [2], to determine the scope of these positions and to describe the skills associated with common roles. The first step in any movement towards standardizing position descriptions, is to set some boundaries and identify some common eResearch roles. More info.

Past Events